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Exhibition stand construction is the process by which companies design and build a customized space to showcase their products, services, and achievements. This space is aligned with their branding strategies and is tailored to their specific needs.
Booth construction is the creation of an experience and identity of a brand in a space where branding and marketing are well reflected.


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Creating an impactful exhibition stand is a multifaceted process requiring expertise and experience. Your stand serves as a crucial representation of your brand identity at a significant event, potentially driving significant audience engagement, increasing sales, and enhancing your brand image.

The time range of our services usually starts months before the exhibition with the design and construction of the exhibition stand and continues until a few days after the end of the exhibition and the demolition and collection of the exhibition stand.

A large part of the effectiveness of participating in an event will be done through the created physical space. Creativity in product display and scene staging will have a profound effect on conveying capabilities and achieving event goals. The process of building an exhibition stand is a highly specialized activity. Equipment, facilities, and specialized human resources, along with experience and knowledge of this industry, are the necessary tools for stand design and construction.

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At Iran Exhibition Services, we don't just claim to be a comprehensive exhibition services agency. We are a passionate team of professionals dedicated to achieving exceptional results. By leveraging our modern workshop facilities, highly skilled and experienced personnel, and extensive industry knowledge, we create impactful exhibition stands that will truly make a difference.

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Using our Stand Construction Services elevates your presence with exceptional exhibition stands designed to leave a lasting impression. Our team of highly skilled professionals leverages their expertise in design and construction to ensure each stand is not only visually stunning but also strategically optimized for maximum impact.

Proven Track record of success across domestic and international exhibitions, a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and premium materials to create stands of exceptional quality and durability, ensuring your brand shines throughout the event.


At Iran Exhibition Service, transparency is paramount. We believe in clear and upfront communication, providing detailed cost structures from the outset. This ensures you are fully informed of all financial considerations before embarking on your exhibition journey with us.

Our collaborative approach fosters a partnership built on understanding your vision. We work closely with you to translate your unique ideas into a stand that truly stands out amidst the competition.


Contact Radis Fair today. Let’s discuss your vision and discover how we can transform it into a stand-out success story.

Exhibition Stand Construction Process

Planning and Brainstorming: This initial stage involves identifying your company’s goals and needs, followed by the development of initial design ideas for your stand.

Design: Once the final concept is chosen, our design team utilizes specialized software to create 3D models and diverse renderings of your stand, ensuring you visualize the finished product.

Creative and Brand-Aligned Design should captivate the audience’s attention and comprehensively showcase your brand identity.


Fabrication: Following the approval of the finalized design, construction begins in our workshop using high-quality materials. Components and materials of construction significantly impact the stand’s aesthetics and durability.
stand must be built in strict adherence to safety protocols and relevant industry Safety and Standard Compliance.

Installation and Equipment: Your constructed stand undergoes installation and equipping at the exhibition venue. This phase encompasses lighting, furniture arrangement, installation of audio-visual equipment, and more. Construction of the Stand and equipment installation must be executed with meticulous planning and adherence to a well-defined timeline.

Presentation and Support: Throughout the exhibition, our support team will be present at your stand, addressing the needs of both your company and visitors.

Benefits of Utilizing Exhibition Stand Construction Services: Entrusting stand construction to a specialized firm allows you to save both time and resources. Companies specializing in exhibition stand construction possess the necessary knowledge and experience to design and build high-quality stands that cater specifically to your requirements.

Investing in an exhibition stand constitutes a significant for your company. Selecting an experienced and reputable firm allows you to leverage numerous benefits, including time and cost savings, access to expertise and experience, utilization of premium materials, adherence to safety and standards, and the provision of comprehensive support services. with a long-standing and distinguished track record in the realm of exhibition stand construction, Radis Fair is well-equipped to provide optimal solutions for your participation in various events. Our team of qualified professionals leverages their ingenuity and innovative spirit to design and construct stands that empower you to capture audience attention, boost sales, and elevate your brand image.

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